To the editor:

President Biden has issued the ultimatum. Get vaccinated, OR ELSE.

My letter to the editor in early June wondered when the soft gloves would come off. Your “Our View” on 9-10-21 headlines “Biden taking gloves off in COVID battle.” Your view suggests we are in a war against COVID-19. I disagree. We are in a war against our own government.

President Biden is so far long on threats, and short on details. Here’s some questions I’d like to ask: Which vaccine will be forced on the people? Since supposedly only the Phizer version is approved. And then which Phizer vaccine will be used? The version that is currently available and being distributed (still under emergency use authorization only), or the “Comirnaty” version which is the version that is actually “approved.” Pretty tough to distribute the Comirnaty version since it’s not even being produced.

The bigger issue of course, is does Biden even have the authority to force the American People to be injected with anything at all? I would hope not. The entire world agreed not to force medical experiments on human beings after the Nazis did it to the Jews and others during World War II. And here we are today. We now have a “Democratic Socialism” at work in the United States Democratic Party. The Democrats as much as told us what they were, and yet supposedly the majority of our people voted for Biden. Oops. Sometimes you get what you ask for.

This is a defining moment for freedom in the United States and around the world. If you think the mandates will stop at employers of more than 100 employees, you are mistaken. They are coming for YOU and ME. There is no place on Earth to retreat to, if the United States falls for this stupidity. NOW is this time to give our government the biggest middle finger in history. Pick a day. All those of us who believe the United States is worth fighting for, pick a day. EVERYONE who thinks forced vaccinations are wrong, simply don’t show up for work on that day. Maybe go fishing. Maybe drink your OWN beer. Tell the Socialists and Biden the buck stops HERE. Watch what chaos will ensue. It’s time to take a stand. Any government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.

Paul Platz



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