Response to ‘Wake up, people!’

To the editor:

Regarding the Sept. 3 letter, “Wake up, people,” from Roger Bauer, I’ll deal with his second point first. He states that masks provide no protection. Here’s a link to an article that does a very nice job explaining why that’s not true.


It boils down to the fact that while masks provide limited protection from catching COVID, they do a pretty good job stopping someone who has COVID from spreading it. Basically, I wear mask to protect others and, hopefully, they wear a mask to protect me.

Now to your first point. You state that we live in a free county and have the right of choice about wearing a mask and to get COVID shot. That’s absolutely true. But you do not have the right to make that decision without consequences.

We all have that choice. For example, business owners, universities, school boards, your neighbors, all face this same choice. Some will choose to require masks – others won’t. That is their right. I’m actually kind of surprised we haven’t seen signs like “NO SHOES/NO SHIRTS/NO MASKS – NO SERVICES” in some business windows. But then they have to face the consequences of that decision. They may lose customers who disagree with them. They could lose employees. In the end, they consider the big picture and make the choice that is appropriate for them. Then deal with what happens as a result. Also, the government may get involved and force that decision on some entities. That’s not new. We’ve had mandated vaccinations — polio, diphtheria, hepatitis, for example — for many years. If you want to travel to another country, you’re very likely to be required to get some shots. Mandates are not a new concept.

But, you are correct — you too have the right to choose. Wear a mask or not. Get a covid shot or not. But then you also have to face the consequences of your decision. You might not be able to shop at some stores, eat at some restaurants, attend some schools, and you obviously have an increased chance to catch COVID (I sincerely hope that does not happen, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone), etc. No one gets to make choices without consequences. So quit whining, make your decision, put on your big boy pants, and deal with the consequences.

Mike Rolloff

Phoenix Arizona

Originally from New Ulm


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