CRT and History

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor (“Critical Race Theory in Context”, 7/14), the writer claimed that those who oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) are aiming to keep our children from learning the historical facts about slavery and racism in America. The letter implied that CRT is nothing more than teaching the facts of history.

The writer was wrong on both counts. The facts about slavery and racism in America were taught for many years prior to the coming of CRT, and can be taught without CRT again. And CRT is much more than just teaching the facts of history.

CRT goes far beyond informing the students of what happened and when in America’s racial past. CRT provides a neo-Marxist framework for understanding and interpreting those events.

CRT views all of history as an ongoing struggle between oppressed groups and their oppressors. CRT is grounded in the belief that this struggle must continue until the oppressed have overcome their oppressors and have achieved an equal share of everything (plus a bit more to make up for past inequity).

CRT teaches students to view America as an immoral country where the white majority prevents the other races from being equal. CRT encourages non-white students to search for grievances against whites. It teaches white students that they must join in the struggle to overcome the white racism that CRT claims is everywhere in our society. They must become political activists.

So at its root, CRT is political indoctrination. It is a poison that must be stopped. Otherwise, it will divide and destroy our country.

Michael Thom

New Ulm


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