What is the biggest crisis in America?

To the editor:

For some people its a disaster at the border with 180,000 people coming across the border in just one month. For other people there is no disaster at the border, they say we need a couple million illegal immigrants in the United States. Others say the border is closed and that is a lie. The border is wide open. People are actually walking across the river from Mexico to the United States border.

Another disaster is Foreign Policy. When Biden went to the G7 conference, the foreign leaders found out” what a clown” we have for our president. America is being laughed at by our friends and enemies in the world. Some people think Biden is doing a good job!

Another disaster the the Keystone XL pipeline. Some say we need fossil fuel. We need gas, diesel fuel, heating oil and natural gas to run our economy. Others say we don’t need fossil fuel, they say we have solar power, wind power and battery power.

Another crisis some people say we have systemic racism in America. We have a couple Generals who say we have systemic racism in the military. Other military people say we don’t have systemic racism in America or in the military.

Our November 3, 2020 election was a crisis. We have people who want to fix the voting system, to make it harder for fraudulent voting. They want voter ID and no late counting of the ballots. Some people want to make it easier to cheat and no voter ID.

We have a crime crisis in America. Some people say the crime problem is caused by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, defunding of the police and not enforcing our laws. Others say we need to defund the police and let the criminals off with no bail and no jail time.

Some people say we have a gun crisis and they want to take our guns away from law abiding citizens who use their guns for hunting and for protection. Some people don’t want to fix the gun problem by going after teenagers with guns, people who are just murdering people in the street, just random shooting and people shooting rival gang members.

Here is my opinion about the crisis and violence we have in America. The border crisis started before and after Biden’s election! The day after Biden was sworn in as President with his Executive Orders is when the rest of the crisis started. The biggest crisis is the Biden Administration. Biden is a divider, not a uniter!

This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Gentleman from the Midwest who clings to his guns and religion.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm


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