Response to ‘Open the Hood’ letter

To the editor:

In response to the 6-9 letter to the editor, “Open the hood” – they’ve already looked “under the hood.” The Maricopa County recorder and the county supervisors have used facts to demonstrate that there was no fraud.

1) They followed state law, conducting a postelection logic and accuracy test on voting machines and found no problems.

2) They did a hand count of ballots, and again, no problems.

3) They hired independent auditors with no connection to Arizona politics to check their work, conducted these tests with representatives of all political parties present and livestreamed the process for all to see. No problems.

What is going on now is not an audit. Republican State Senate President Karen Fann hired Cyber Ninjas — a company with NO experience in audits and with a CEO who’s already expressed his opinion — he’s a Stop the Steal proponent, so no bias there. The Arizona Senate put up $150,000 for the audit. The rest is from private groups collecting donations — no one knows just who. If you believe all this is going to produce unbiased results, you’re deluded.

And now we found out that because the chain of custody for the voting machines has been broken, it appears Arizona will have to buy new machines — at a cost of millions to the Arizona tax payers.

I wish this whole thing was funny, but it’s not. It’s just plain ridiculous.

Mike Rolloff

Phoenix, AZ

formerly New Ulm


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