No such thing as free beer

To the editor:

How could President Biden have known? His newest incentive for the “vaccine sprint” to convince Americans to get to 70% “vaccinated” is FREE BEER! I’m sure it won’t work though, because Biden was probably offering an inferior beer, not a Schell’s product like Grain Belt Premium Light or my personal favorite, a Hauenstein. Not to be outdone, Governor Walz has taken to bribing Minnesota residents with our own money. Free fishing licenses, and a whole host of other goodies. Kind of bums me out since we just forked out the cash to buy a joint fishing license. Maybe every one who already has taken the jab should request a refund of their license fees. Fair is fair, right? Maybe the Walz administration didn’t really think this one through. That tends to happen when you are running a dictator style government.

We’ve gone from the initial excitement of the so-called “vaccines”, (which are really experimental therapy treatments “authorized for emergency use” by FDA’s own definition) to limiting administration by age groups and essential persons, to available for all, to plenty of supply for everyone. We lived through the “you should do this for the common good” phase. The local newspapers encourage taking the jab at least once or twice a week in their papers. We’ve now entered the “here’s some incentives” phase. When will the soft gloves come off? When will we enter the threat phase? Maybe my house gets egged. Maybe I can’t go to the Twins or Vikings games. I don’t know, maybe thugs from Chicago find me in a dark alley in Lafayette and rough me up.

My question is this. Do you really believe the “vaccine” prevents you from getting the disease? It doesn’t. I personally know a double vaccinated person that tested positive for COVID. Do you really believe the jab prevents you from spreading the disease? It won’t. the CDC admits as much. The treatment will most likely reduce your symptoms. Many people think the reduced symptoms are worth the risks associated with taking the treatment. We have over 4,000 confirmed deaths associated with taking the treatments in the US alone. If you still took the treatment, I can respect that. Different strokes for different folks. Why then, will I eventually be forced to take the jab, even if I believe the risks are higher than surviving the disease? Shouldn’t this be my own personal medical choice? Remember “my body, my choice?” Does this phrase work when the shoe is on the other foot?

I would never take the jab for just one free inferior beer. Whenever I watch the TV ads for useless stuff, I always wait until they at least offer two for one, an extra surprise, AND free shipping, before turning off the TV. Besides, there is no such thing as a free beer. Somebody always pays.

Paul Platz



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