Biden Administration

To the editor:

Joe Biden with all his executive orders has undone everything that former President Trump had done, stopped the building on the wall and stopped the plan that Trump had with the Mexican Government on the Mexican side of the river, that kept the people in Mexico until they could be processed before crossing into the United States. He said when he became president, all immigrants would be welcome! This caused an influx at the border, turned out not to be a crisis, but a total disaster! Biden, Harris and the press secretary all said Trump was to blame for the disaster at the border. This is a lie as Trump had the border secured better than it was for the last 50 years! Biden also wants to fill existing oil wells. He also said in his campaign that he wasn’t going to end fracking. HE supports the new green deal and in the new green deal it says they want to end fossil fuels and stop fracking, another lie!

Biden never gave Trump credit for Warp Speed getting 2 vaccines within 9 months. Biden, Harris and his press secretary claim Trump left him with nothing, no vaccine, no plan, nothing! Another lie.

He shut down the Keystone pipeline causing many good paying jobs, causing gas, diesel and heating oil 40 to 50 cents a gallon more since he took office and its not stopping there, probably 4 to 5 dollars more when we have to buy from foreign countries.

Biden and his socialist Democratic party want to pack the Supreme Court with four new liberal justices. Biden and his Democrats want to pass HR1, a Democratic backed bill to regulate elections practices across the country, a “partisan”attempt to give Democrats an advantage. Democrats want to make DC a State to give the Democrats another two senators and control of the Senate.

Harris says “America is a systemic racist country” as did Biden in his speech to Congress.

This is my opinion, and I’m sticking to it! Elderly gentlemen from the Midwest who clings to his guns and religion!

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm


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