Trash is ruining the landscape

To the editor:

Yesterday we drove into New Ulm. It was a beautiful day, sunny bright sky, fluffy white clouds, the dew glistening on the fresh green grass, lots of nice rich black soil turned and ready for planting. Sheer joy and contentment to see all this.

The only blight? Cans, plastic bags, bags with junk in it from fast food places, other junk in ditches and blown into fields.

Folks who do this, PLEASE put a plastic bag in your car, throw your trash in it and discard when you get to your destination in the proper disposal area. It is so easy and so wise. If you are old enough to have a license to drive you are old enough to know this.

The junk thrown out possibly gets ground up in crops so animals eat it, wild animals get trapped in some of it. No wonder way back when the first earth Day was as Pogo and friend were walking and saw so much garbage strew about Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Darlene Nelson



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