I’ll keep the memories

To the editor:

It is going to be really hard to watch as the George’s Ballroom gets torn down in the future. Boy, what a place that was! It was the entertainment center not only for New Ulm, but for much of the surrounding area.

My first visits there were with my parents for our relatives’ wedding dances. That would have been in the late ’50s. When the band went on break it was time to go on to the dance floor to run and slide.

George and Ella Neuwirth were owners of the complex. There was a bar, bowling alley and that great ballroom. It was not only their business, but it was also their home. George loved his pigeons in the backyard of the building.

In my late teens I went there for the band of Shaw-Allen-Shaw and the Jolly Brothers. That ballroom was standing room only. I would greet George and Ella coming in — George in his big chair with his cigar and Ella selling popcorn and taking booth reservations.

My parents told me there was a marble floor under the wood floor becauses the first one was too slippery.

There are times in life when our society has let go of something that we should have kept. It really is no one’s fault, we just went through changing times.

Thanks, George and Ella, for those wonderful memories. I promise to keep them until time and age take them away from me.

Paul Guggisberg



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