Let’s all respect each other

To the editor:

I’ve been reading the letters to the editor in The Journal and a couple of people are upset with Mr. Fluegge’s letter. I reread his letter to see what the problem was. The thing is, I found nothing wrong with it, but thought it stated things perfectly. We ARE all male or female, and the extra LGBTQ or whatever are people’s extensions of that mainly stating what they wish their sexuality to show and if it makes them feel better about themselves, fine.

I feel young children should not be subjected to that stuff, though. I feel it confuses them when kids should be allowed to be kids as long a possible before adults start indoctrinating them.

People who want to be recognized as male or female with no other agenda should be afforded that courtesy also. This is no disrespect to persons who choose to present themselves in different ways, but please don’t disrespect those of us who maybe have different views of things and don’t feel kindly to those who try to FORCE us into their ways of seeing things.

Then people talk about “science” and take it as “gospel.”Sorry, but “science” does have a place in our lives, but it is not “gospel.” As to COVID, how many times have they changed their views on what we are or are not allowed to do because their “science” changes. As to climate change, how many times are weather forecasts accurate, and we’re supposed to believe they can forecast into the future? That’s what GOD takes care of! They keep changing what foods are or are not good for us. Then they accept the “evolution theory” as fact! Sorry, but we have some flaws in “science.”

Let’s all just pull down our masks, take a deep breath of fresh air and chill now. Have a good day!

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm


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