Opinions shouldn’t attack

To the editor:

Just a few comments, please, regarding the recent letters on your Opinion page.

I am thankful that we have the freedom to express our thoughts freely, without any fear of retribution. May that continue.

Unfortunately, one of the recent letters you chose to publish went far beyond opinion. The word OPINION means a view or impression held by someone. Opinion does not mean to personally attack a person for a previous view or idea. You published such a letter in your April 17-18, 2021 Opinion page. That letter was not only inappropriate, it also served to discourage future dialogue from others, and it certainly causes hurt to a writer that was bravely expressing his or her own thoughts on a particular subject.

Regarding the opinion expressed in “Leave God’s Word to God”, I suggest to the writer to use a more recent translation of Scripture. The wording used was from the King James Version…..published in 1611. We don’t talk that way anymore. Maybe the NIV (New International Version) would be better to use. Or, if the writer wishes to include the apocryphal books, consider the New American Bible.

Finally, the use of God’s Word can be most effective when it shares God’s love, not His righteous anger on all of us sinners.

Please reference John 3:16-17…For God so loved the world….or

Mark 12:31…Love your neighbor as yourself..

Thank you for this opportunity to express my OPINION.

Jon Scharlemann

Redwood Falls


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