Riots in Minnesota

To the editor:

Why do we have riots in Minnesota and in some democratic run states? Because people think they can break the law and not being arrested.


1) George Floyd. He was on drugs, tried to buy liquor with a 20 dollar bill and the cashier noticed it was counterfeit. Cops were called, he didn’t want to be arrested, he didn’t want to get into the police car, so they took him down to the ground and he died. Now there is a big trial to find out if he died from an overdose or from the treatment from the cops. Had he not resisted arrest, he might be around today or he might have died from his overdose.

2) Daunte Wright. He was stopped for driving with expired license tabs. Cops found out he had a warrant out for his arrest and the cops wanted to arrest him. He resisted arrest, fought with the cops, he tried to drive away. The cops wanted to Taser him. Cop hollered her warning, “Taser, Taser, Taser” three times and pulled the trigger, thought it was her Taser, and she shot him. Turned out she had her pistol and he ended up dead. If he hadn’t resisted arrest he would be alive today. Turns out both men were black and cops were accused of shooting black people. Hence the two riots in a time span of one year. Had the two men been white in the same situation, there would have been no riots.

Now they want police reform. They want to defund the police. We don’t need police reform, we need leadership reform! In the first riot after George Floyd, there was no leadership from the Governor, Attorney General, no leadership from the Mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul. They knew there was going to be a riot The police were told to stand down! The police just stood down and watched the buildings burn and the police abandoned the police precinct and let it burn. They should never have let the first even get started! They should have nipped it in the bud! We need new leadership from the Governor on down!

This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Gentleman from the Midwest who clings to his guns and religion.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm


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