Clarifying identity

To the editor:

My name is David L. Borchert. I work for the City of New Ulm as the Chief of Police. As a public official, I try to be consciences of “public perception” and am aware that sometimes misinformation can spread, if misinterpretation of identity isn’t addressed.

For that reason, I felt compelled to offer some clarification that the City of New Ulm had two people with the same name. I am David L. Borchert and live at 405 South Broadway Street and there was another (David D. Borchert ) that lived at 408 11th Street S., New Ulm. According to the Minnesota Valley Funeral Home’s website, David D. Borchert died on June 26, 2017.

Regarding the List of Nonpayment of Delinquent Property Taxes as printed in the March 24, 2021 Edition of the New Ulm Journal, it lists David D. Borchert being delinquent on property taxes on 408 11th Street S., New Ulm. It does not correctly document his identity as deceased or “the Estate of”; however, he obviously has been dead for years. I have clarified this point in the past with a former Letter to the Editor and by contacting the Brown County Auditor Treasurer Office to notify them of his death. I knew David D. and feel bad that the individuals administering his estate didn’t clear this up three years ago; if it were me, I wouldn’t want this printed in the paper with delinquent taxes accumulating every year.

I certainly don’t fault the newspaper, the Brown County Auditor Treasurer Office or the State of Minnesota; however, I wanted to clear this up to avoid a potential misunderstanding concerning our identities.

Dave Borchert

Chief of Police & Emergency Management Director

City of New Ulm


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