Liberals and media attacking Trump

To the editor:

How do Democrats keep coming up with this stuff? Somehow the COVID-19 disaster is now causing racism. Somehow dead Asian people in Atlanta, Georgia is now President Trump’s fault rather than the criminal that did the killing. The media’s hate for President Trump will never end. President Trump referred to COVID-19 as the Chinese Flu or the Wuhan flu. And rightly so. It was the WHO (World Health Organization) that changed the name to COVID-19 in an attempt to be politically correct. And the media bought it.

For many, many years, flus and viruses were named for their place of origin. Ebola from the Ebola river in Zaire. Hendra from Hendra which is a suburburb in Brisbane. Zika from the Zika valley in central Africa. The Spanish Flu was first reported in Spain. All of this from a time before Liberals came up with political correctness. Trump was simply correct in calling this one the Chinese Flu or the Wuhan flu at the time he did so.

You conclude your editorial by surmising that people that won’t take the vaccine or refuse to wear masks and go wherever we want are the real reason the virus is spreading. What medical study or facts can you cite to support your conclusion? Are you aware both the CDC and the FDA both acknowledge that the so called vaccines DO NOT prevent the infection or spread of the disease? These aren’t even officially called vaccines. They are officially referred to as experimental gene therapies that are “Authorized For Emergency Use”by the FDA. Don’t believe me? Do some research. Even Dr. Fauci acknowledges as much. He insists we still need to physical distance and wear masks even after injection. Why? By definition, vaccines prevent the spread of disease, and provide immunity. In reality, vaccinated persons now potentially become unsuspecting asymptomatic spreaders of the disease or it’s new variants. Again, do you homework.

Paul Platz



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