No one’s opinion should be censored

To the editor,

Sarah Leslie in her letter to the editor entitled “Dahms spreading misinformation on Social Studies standards” lamented she was censored from Dahms’ Facebook page when she questioned the source of his information. She continued that she has been prohibited from further posting on Dahms’ official page and was told by a staffer that her posts were considered “misinformation.”

Is misinformation another name for interpretation or opinion? I understand Leslie’s angst because I have experienced censorship regarding my voiced concerns regarding election integrity of the 2020 presidential election.

People see things in different ways. What one person considers true, someone else considers false. Every United States citizen has the right to comment on anything, no matter what interpretation or opinion or party he or she represents. Sarah Leslie, Germaine Rysdahl, and former President Trump should not be censored. Each of us has a right to our opinion, and each is guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution the right to speak it.

Germaine Rysdahl

New Ulm


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