Why cancel Keystone pipeline?

To the editor:

The recent cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline project that connects Canadian oil sources to refineries in Texas, Illinois and distribution in Oklahoma is very hurtful to many of us and maybe all of us. With just a signature our President did a lot of long term dividing of our country. It will hurt our economy, national security, and divide us more. Its not going to work any good to simply cancell such a project. The oil is now going to be transported by rail, truck, or ship. This will most likely cost more and be more susceptible to an accidental mishap and spill. Going by ship will be open to delivery to what other destination beyond our nation? I feel sorry for many who lost jobs, investments, and future benefits of a reliable energy source and the pipeline efficiency that was cancelled. Time will show the results. I just hope there are some good results that I am not seeing.

Jon Gohr

New Ulm


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