10th anniversary for “Little Dresses”

To the editor:

It is with great pride that our worthwhile project entitled “Little Dresses” celebrated our 10 year anniversary on Feb. 1.

As we launched this “idea” to the community, it was with their generous donations of supplies and help that we were able to turn this idea into a successful project. With the great leadership from CAST (Community And Seniors Together) and their Board of Directors, their support is what

sustained us all through these years and we have made this one of the most successful community projects in many years. It is very much appreciated — thank you.

Also, many, many, many thanks and sincere appreciation to all the talented sewing ladies on our team, from the St. Cloud area to the Iowa border and

from Marshall to LaCrosse area, who have stayed with our project to produce the thousands of dresses and shorts to the needy children all around the

world. The smiling photos of the children we receive reinforces our dedication to continue sewing for them. Each item we sew is done with TLC (tender loving care) straight from our hearts to their hearts with love. It’s all about love. So, to end, we will continue to sew for these children of the world to infinity.

To remind you, our mission statement is: “to come together as one and make a difference, uniting New Ulm and the world, one little dress at a time”.

Mary L. Warner


Little Dresses


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