Immaculate deception

To the editor:

The Democrats are calling for unity, but the party that boasts of being tolerant, open-minded and inclusive doesn’t live up to its billing. When Trump was inaugurated nearly 70 Democrats boycotted the event. They also disputed certification of electoral votes in 2001, 2005 and 2017. For four years the Democrats and the media vilified and berated our president.

In a June publication from Judicial Watch, as of 2017 theere were 38 states with a total of 462 counties reporting over 100 percent registration of legal voters, totallying 3.55 million extra votes. A Texas woman was recently arrested for voter fraud and ballot harvesting.

If the election was so fair and honest, why is every attempt to investigate it so vehemently resisted? It’s staunch defenders should welcome an audit.

I wonder if anyone reading this saw the 12-30-2020 Georgia Senate hearings with eyewitness testimony and surveillance video of the illegal activity that took place? Broadcast live by Epoch Times, it is something everyone should see. You won’t see it on mainstream media, which has so diligently tied itself to the left. They deliver a daily dose of carefully crafted “news” week after week, month after month, until anything that contradicts their word is rejected, scoffed at and mocked.

We were all appalled at the attack on our Capitol, but Sen. Chuck Schumer’s comparison to Pearl Harbor was shameful. Need he be reminded that 2,403 died at Pearl Harbor and many others wounded and maimed? A dark day, yes; Pearl Harbor, hardly.

The media and Democrats were quick to condemn it and rightfully so, but where was their condemnation of the looting and destruction that went on for months across the country? Many justified it and Kamala Harris even helped raise mont to bail out the rioters. Where was the outrage?

In August 2017 a Democratic Party official in Nebraska said of Rep. Steve Scalise, “I’m glad he got shot, I hope he (expletive) dies.” In August 2017 a Democratic representative from Missouri posted on Facebook, “I hope Trump is assassinated.” In June 2018 a well-known actor said of Trump’s son Barron, “He should be locked in a cage with pedophiles.” The list of these type of insults and threats from politicians, corporate executives, people in the media and Hollywood is long, venomous and hate-filled.

Mike Lilleoden



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