What I learned so far

To the editor:

I have shared with the readers of The Journal some of my thoughts on what I have learned since the COVID-19 virus invaded our great country. Things that have happened that I added to my list are that some people in our country haven’t learned anything at all. The shootings and killings continue. No respect is given to the gift of life, beginning with the unborn. The rioting, burning and destruction of private and government property continue on.

I have watched as citizens of our own country have destroyed pieces of our country’s history. I’m not going to tear any pages out of my World Book Encyclopedia. History is history. What happened, happened. You don’t destroy or try to eliminate your country’s history. What was done wrong in the past you make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

The incident at our nation’s Capitol that took place on Jan. 6, 2021 has put a scar on the face of America that can never be removed. It is part of our history now. A bad part of our history. God is watching us. The world is watching us. Our country, the United States of America. The country that promotes peace, well-being and human rights around the world, and we show them a part of us that I haven’t ever seen before.

I have decided what I am going to do to help myself through this crisis. I am going to keep my faith and trust in God and his holy Church. I am going to keep the pride, love and respect for the country in which I live, the United States of America. The main reason I am going to do this is because I owe it to the men and women who gave everything to protect and preserve the freedom that I enjoy every day.

Paul Guggisberg



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