Regarding “Lack of Trust”

To the editor:

A virus that kills almost 2 million people worldwide, almost 400,000 in USA and 5,528 in Minnesota is NOT a flu-ike virus. It is a health emergency. This is why some states, for safety of citizens, rightfully changed some of election rules/laws.

There is no reason to spend money and time on an Election Commission because this has been decided by the courts. It has nothing to do with disenfranchising anyone.

The 60 or so so-called court cases never brought any credible information to make a court case necessary. Court doesn’t work like that. Bring a lawsuit and it’s heard? NO, there has to be credible evidence. These so called affidavits and videos of wrongdoing never had evidence to support them. The various “wrongdoings” brought up in the letter have been disapproved time and time again. The voting machines have been checked and there was no flaw, no vote changing in them. Why would anyone believe they “flipped” Trump votes to Biden when Republicans down the ballot were elected? Makes no sense at all.

The Supreme Court certainly has enough to do without taking cases that are non-cases. The first rejection was unanimous, all nine no case, the second was 7-2. The majority of these justices are Republican appointees, including by Trump himself. The majority of the state cases were rejected by Republican appointees as well, again a number of them Trump appointees. It is not the Democrats that kept him from “his day in court.”

No protestor was shot. A female Air Force veteran domestic terrorist was shot rioting and unlawfully entering the Capitol. There is a huge difference. I am female AF veteran but that does not give me a right to be involved with an insurrection!! I feel bad for her and her family but she made an extremely bad choice.

Reference Day in Court. The Shame letter writer did not say shame on you to American people, he did not say shame on you to Christians, he did not say shame on you to military. You made blanket statements. He qualified all of these. In fact he is a 24-year Navy veteran, his parents are both veterans, he has six uncles that are veterans, an aunt, numerous nephews, nieces and cousins. I know because I am his proud mother.

I could refute statements with fact, point by point, but t’s a waste of time and energy because anyone that still supports Trump will continue as a Trumpican, not a true Republican.

Darlene Nelson



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