A silent protest no more

To the editor:

I feel I need to speak out about the Covid 19 Pandemic and the Government mandates we are being made to follow.

By the numbers from the CDC website dated: 1/2/2021 for the 10 months of the Pandemic:

Redwood County Population -15,170

Known cases of Covid 19 – 1,308

Does not include those who did not seek medical help.

Deaths related to Covid 19 – 26

ncludes those who had other severe underlying conditions.

The death rate was less than 2%

The recovery rate is greater than 98%

Depressive symptoms have quadrupled since 2019 per CDC survey of adults.

Those suffering from fear, isolation and despair immeasurable.

For those of you who have lost loved ones, I cannot imagine the pain of having them die alone, my prayers are with you.

I fear the cure is becoming far worse than the disease. Our most important hospital, the Church, is empty. God alone holds the keys to life and death, not the government. Come to God for the most urgent healing we all need “SPIRITUAL.”

May God Bless us one and All.

Bruce Plaetz



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