Response to ‘Our View’

To the editor:

After reading “Our View” from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in The Journal, I had to respond!

First, let me say, what happened at the capitol was terrible! “Peaceful” protests are legal, RIOTS ARE NOT! Once lives and property are threatened, it’s called a riot. The people involved in the riots are criminals! Period!

Now back to “Our View”. Listen up all you Never-Trumpers! This goes for The Journal and Associated Press as well! Millions of Trump supporters are convinced this election was rigged and THEY ARE ANGRY! They are tired of being called racists, homophobes, deplorables, and the like! The Journal calls them confederates and the Associated Press calls them fascists. YOU PEOPLE JUST DON’T GET IT!

On the front page of Thursday’s edition of The Journal you printed a photo of Capitol Police officers with their guns drawn and pointed at the protesters. Do you suppose the liberals are screaming “defund the police” in this case? It looks like the cops were protecting life and property. What’s Your View on the Democrat’s cries to Defund the police? Would that include the U.S. Capitol Police?

Our View in Friday’s Journal stated the event at the capitol was “the most harrowing day in our governments history.” What was Your View during the George Floyd riots? Lives were threatened (many were lost), cops were hurt and killed, thousands of businesses across this country were looted and burned. Some will never reopen!

I wish there would have been a different outcome at the capitol, but I don’t feel sorry for politicians that were able to go back to work and collect a paycheck from us. And possibly ruin our country for the next two years (until midterm elections).

Also, Our View in Friday’s Journal stated, “There are many questions to be asked in the next few days”.

The front page of that same edition of the Journal answers the first three of those questions. The title, “Capitol Police rejected offers for help”. Submitted by the AP. Three days before the riots, the Capitol Police were offered help from the National Guard and FBI. They turned it down!

You should think before you place the blame for the riots at the capitol on President Trump’s words. Those riots could have been avoided with the presence of the National Guard or FBI! What’s Your View on this issue? Should there be investigations and accountability for this incompetence?

The last question you asked, “The biggest question being asked is whether Donald Trump should be allowed to remain in office for the next two weeks?” I disagree! The biggest question to be asked is should Joe Biden be allowed to take office on January 20th?

Tony Miller

New Ulm


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