To the editor:

History and math were my favorite subjects in school. You can learn so much from history. History shows us that when America was strong (or great), veterans were in elected positions of power. Look it up. Veterans know the true meaning of sacrifice and teamwork. I vote for veterans every chance I get no matter the party. Our president has no clue what sacrifice or teamwork means.

Veterans like John McCain sacrificed and suffered greatly for our country, yet our president has the gall to say they are not heroes. President Trump mocked a handicapped reporter, for goodness sake! President Trump only thinks of himself. He has no moral compass.

Think about this, the president gets daily intelligence briefings. He was told that insurgents were going to try to use his rally for chaos. He still let his lawyer yell “Trial by Combat.” To think a person was proud to walk through our nation’s Capitol carrying a Confederate flag. Didn’t the president say at one of his rallies, “When they start looting we start shooting?” They tore down our flag and raised a Trump flag. Open your eyes.

I saw a survey on FOX News that said, “3 out of 4 people believe that 75% of Americans are misinformed about the election results” (has to be a joke). Thank goodness that the 25% that are informed, federal judges, Supreme Court, attorney general, governors, state attorney generals, senators (elected by us or appointed by the president) get to make the decision for us. They were given the true information. All we were given was a video of a witness that couldn’t even say “affidavit.”

There is a winner and a loser in every election. After the Bush/Gore election Florida changed it’s voter laws. Learn from history. Pennsylvania, which has a Republican governor and Republican-controlled legislature will have to look into changing it’s voting rules.

At work during break I brought up the Kent State shootings, war and civil rights protests of the ’60s, MLK, RFK, JFK and how we learned from those actions and made changes. That’s when a younger co-worker said, “they should teach that in school.” He knew about JFK and MLK but not much of anything else. How sad. (Those that forget the past are destined to repeat it.) How true.

I am not on Twitter or Facebook so I talk to people in person. Everyone should try it once in a while. Of my friends and coworkers I personally know 25 people that said they just couldn’t vote for him the second time. So I feel I’m not alone.

Mr. Trump is not our country’s savior. If Americans had as much faith in our Father above as they do in Mr. Trump we wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s time for the Poor Little Rich Boy to take his ball and go home!

I would have liked to see Condoleezza Rice in 2008 also.

Weather sure has been easy on our heating bill.

Lester Werner



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