Day In Court

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor in The Journal, the writer outright “shamed” 75 (plus) million people who voted for President Trump in the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election. To the American people, he said, “Shame on you.” To the military troops who serve our country, he said, “Shame on you.” To the Christian people, he said, “Shame on you.” WHAT AN INSULT!

There have been allegations of voter fraud in our presidential election, but no one has the courage to hear the case! What has happened to our constitutional rights? What has happened to our Democracy?

The Democrats had President Trump on trial for 4 years, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, with no proof, no evidence and no convictions. And now, they will not give President Trump “ONE DAY IN COURT” with proof of voting violations and sworn affidavits!

Can you really “believe” that Joe Biden “legitimately” received the votes sufficient to become our next president? Joe Biden has promised and is already promoting higher taxes, open borders, with free everything for all illegal immigrants (funded by the taxpayers), promoting killing babies at will, controlling our faith and worship services, the green new deal, more government regulations, which will hinder small businesses and tank the economy. Basically, Joe Biden and his Democrat Socialist agenda will suffocate our freedoms and the democracy that our Constitution has provided us in the past, and create a “New World Order,” which is the goal of Communism!

This past summer, we experienced protesting that turned into riots, looting, breaking windows and doors, burning businesses, police precincts, and police cars, shooting police officers and others, destroying and tearing down statues of prominent government heros, beheading religious statues and burning the U.S. flag. The Democrats told the police to “stand down!” They have condoned violence and brought about a new standard of the meaning of “Peaceful Protesting!”

All of this should have brought us to our knees in prayer to the Lord! For only “He” has the power to save us!

With the fate of the “will of the people” hanging in the balance, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”

Like I have taught our children from little on, let your conscience be your guide. There are two words to sum this up, “GOD KNOWS!”

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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