Lack of trust

To the editor:

A few quick thoughts on the events in Washington DC on Jan. 6. This whole mess started because Government was able to instill enough fear of a flu-like virus in our people that we would accept drastic changes in our election process. Changes never before seen, or even tested, to be sure there was no chance for error. States changing election rules just days before the election. Mass confusion. So some people naturally doubt that everything was above board.

I ask you this. If there were actually no wrong doing or mistakes made, why wouldn’t the Left be willing to confirm that with a commission of 5 House members, 5 Senate members, and 5 Supreme Court members? Afraid to “disenfranchise” Biden’s so called 80 million voters? Well how about the other half of us being disenfranchised now? See the problem?

No court was even willing to consider the evidence provided? States violating their own election laws. Ballots pulled out from under tables after observers were dismissed (on camera). Military ballots found in the trash. Voting machines switching votes from Trump to Biden. USPS contract shippers not allowed to unload ballots. Huge ballot dumps at 3 a.m. And much more. Backed up by sworn affidavits. This leaves at least half of us wondering if there will ever be a fair and free election again. So, Trump supporters went to Washington. LOTS of Trump supporters. Mainstream Media provided footage of sparse crowds that didn’t match photos from actual people on the ground and arial photos.

Once again, Mainstream Media didn’t show the photos of Antifa and Black Lives Matter buses slipping in. They also didn’t show the photos of Antifa members with their tattoos (dressed in Trump attire) leading some of the mayhem. Were there actual Trump supporters involved? Maybe. Probably. But the media can at least try to be factual. So now, suddenly, the Left loves law enforcement and the National Guard.

Everybody (including me) is upset at the destruction of property. How many law enforcement personnel were hurt? Fires set? Buildings burned to the ground? Protesters were shot and killed. Where’s the outrage at that? There seems to be two sets of rules. Democrats are calling for prosecution and stiff fines, and there should be. But where was all the outrage this summer when much more damage was done all around the country?

I can hardly wait for Biden’s Inauguration speech pleading for understanding and unity. Maybe we could all sit around one of Tim Walz’ outdoor dining tables with a campfire and sing “Kumbaya”.

Paul Platz



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