To the editor:

I respect freedom of what people believe. I may not agree with it, but I accept that. However, this is treason!

It is time for all of us, whether you voted for Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, independent, or others to wake up, come to our knees to pray, and rebuke and condemn the behavior by Trumpies. And we all need to seriously ponder how we got to this point as a country.

This is not acceptable in our great country! This is not making this country great! Our political leaders should not have to evacuate the Capitol for their safety to conduct the political process that had been set and conducted for ages.

What happened to democratic process? Constitution? Process set by our founding fathers? Respect for laws and orders? Decency?

Our fathers would have never imagined this is what’s happening to this country now after they fought so hard to construct a democratic government system.

Naoko Meyer

New Ulm


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