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To the editor:

Thanks to The Journal for printing the commentaries of Walter Williams. Liberty and I will miss his wisdom, insight and common sense. May I suggest Bob Woodson as his replacement.

From, The Journal’s “History” column August 29, 2020: One Year ago: Authorities in Virginia seized enough cheap fentanyl to kill 14 million Americans. (from China), That didn’t work for them – Wuhan flu did.

All those stores we saw boarding-up last November, who were they protecting themselves from?

If there ever was a person to have been the first black woman as Vice-President, it should have been Condoleezza Rice in 2008.

Why are we covering up good farmland with solar panels in Minnesota when island nations closer to the sun ship in petro for their electric power?

With Trump gone, where will the hate go? May God have mercy on those who hate and those they hate.

President Obama commuted and pardoned over 1,900.

What became of Hydroxychloroquine as a first defense of China flu?

Opinion writer Jules Witcover wants all to now sing Kumbaya. That wasn’t his tune call for the last four years.

Obama and Biden gave us the wide political split — thus gave us Trump.

Barack and Michelle Obama say we are a racist nation — then who voted for them “twice”?

Sure has been an easy winter (weather wise) so far.

Mitch Abbas

New Ulm


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