Supporting the military in the time of COVID

To the editor,

Growing up I was taught how Important It Is to support the men and women who serve in the armed forces. I was taught to recognize and respect the sacrifice made to uphold the freedoms we enjoy as a country. Throughout the history of our great nation we have called upon these brave and selfless souls to rise up to combat everything that threatens our way of life. Everything from tyrants in World War II to communism during the cold war as well as terrorists over the last twenty years and everything In between.

Most recently, they have been called upon to battle a microscopic enemy. COVID-19 has us again calling upon our military to sacrifice spending time with their families to help protect not only their families but also ours. A few examples of this in the past year are: A US Navy hospital ship being mobilized to New York harbor, National Guard units helping in medical facilities and nursing homes as well as temporary field hospitals across the country, including in central park. I am bringing this up as an invitation and encouragement to thank a military member for all they do this holiday season and the beginning of the New Year. I want to send out the first thank you to a member of the Minnesota National Guard that I hold close to my heart, my sister, Specialist Amber Lindberg. Thank you for all you do.

Furthermore, I do want to also encourage you to thank all frontline workers who put their safety on the line as well. I don’t want to be misunderstood about appreciating the frontline workers, I just don’t want the military members to fall through the cracks in a time where I believe they deserve some recognition.

I want to dedicate this letter to both of my sisters, Specialist Amber Lindberg and Jasmine Malheim, Certified Nursing Assistant. I am incredibly proud of them both.

James Malheim

MCF-Moose Lake

Moose Lake


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