Hard to read all that anti-Trump propaganda

To the editor:

It was extremely hard to read The Journal of Dec. 26-27, with all of its anti-Trump false rhetoric and propaganda. When is someone going to start fact-checking the Associated Press and syndicated editorials’ biased stories and remarks? Even the comic on the editorial page was senseless. Fact is, President Trump has been the one pushing to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” to acknowledge Jesus is the reason for the season.

Contrary to Mark Shields’ column saying Trump has no sense of humor, President Trump has a fantastic sense of humor as his supporters know. He joked about tons of things over the years, and we laughed as the “media” took everything to heart because they wanted to believe the worst.

Then the Armstrong Williams column goes on about supporting Joe Biden “for democracy,” and in a previous column, a person was going on about treason, etc. if people don’t support Biden. How hypocritical is all of that since the Democrats in power resisted all the good things our President Trump tried to puth through the whole four years and tried to take him down the whole time with false allegations and unsubstantiated “probes.”

Then Mona Charen claims Trump’s pardons are “selfish” and mocks the “prison reforms” he accomplished.

Same Journal, on page 2, by Associated Press also goes on about the pardons they don’t like, referencing the “Russia Probe” which we all know was fake. Then there was a “false dossier” paid for by Hillary Clinton put together and erroneously used to try to take down the president.

The “Left” apparently only preaches support and dedication as they lavish praise upon their candidate, but I cannot support Biden, and in my opinion, his flawed outlook on how he wants our country run (open borders, free things to illegals, defund police, abortion on demand and paid for by taxpayers, giving China free rein of the U.S., socialist agenda, raising taxes, green deal, lockdowns and whittling away our rights and freedoms).

FYI — I will still keep reading parts of The Journal, since it is our only local newspaper, and in the past has usually allowed some differing views of things. Hopefully we can get back to that.

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm


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