It is NOT official

To the editor:

I’d like to respond to your Our View 12-15. Unlike your declaration, it’s NOT official until congress says it is. That might take place about January 6. At least 1/2 this country is sick and tired of the media (non) coverage of the election fraud that took place. You say no evidence could be produced of election fraud beyond wild conjecture. At least no evidence that the lame stream media would report on or cover.

Mountains of evidence exist. The lame stream media conveniently looked the other way. Media has written much about the Supreme Court refusing to hear Trump’s legal challenges. If you really understood the process, you would understand it was necessary for the court to do so. I would encourage the liberal media to stay tuned.

Ballots being pulled out from under tables and hurriedly run through ballot machines (on camera) after Republican observers had been dismissed at 11 p.m. Dominion voting machines with “glitches” that switched 6,000 Trump votes to Biden (verified). Sworn affidavits from USPS mail drivers from Republican districts delivering pallets of ballots turned away at loading docks. Republican voting observers told to observe voting from across the room due to “COVID” concerns, while Democrat observers were not restricted in a similar way. People (in Democrat dominated areas) receiving multiple mail in ballots. The usual dead people voting by mail. States changing signature verification processes in the days leading up to the election. Ballot counting “paused” early in the morning hours and ballots not being secured. When have we EVER had an election where we came back the next day to “continue” counting? Ballot dumps of 587,000 ballots at 3:00 in the morning, 3,200 of which were for Trump. All with sworn affidavits. Not wild conjecture.

You end your article with the usual call for unity and respect now that Biden has “won.” I wonder if you will call for the same unity and respect if Trump is still our President come January 20, 2020? If Biden is our President on January 20, I will accept that. I will however hold my nose for the next four years, or at least until Biden is declared unfit to serve by his own party.

Paul Platz



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