Fossil fuels and climate change

To the editor:

Climate scientists have informed us of the increasing effects from climate change and what is likely to occur if we continue to burn fossil fuels for energy generation.

The fossil fuel companies, such as Exxon mobil have relied on the use of fear, uncertainty, and doubt to undermine public support for transitioning to a renewable energy future.

If President Trump had won re-election, Charles Koch’s political action committees and the fossil fuel industry would have pushed to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency by folding it into the Interior Department. Whoever President-elect Biden nominates to be EPA director will be opposed in some manner because the fossil fuel special interests fear any efforts to control climate change will be bad for their profits and share prices.

It is time to abandon the politics of fear and confront the real need for action to reduce the impact of climate change on our young people here and around the world.

John Kluge and Mary Kluge

New Ulm


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