Purpose of masks hasn’t changed

To the editor:

In WWI soldiers were given a mask to protect them from the gas that might be in the air they were breathing. Masks were issued to soldiers in WWII for the same purpose, so they could put them on to protect themselves. All my life I have been told if I’m working in dust I should wear a mask to protect myself. In 2019 rioters wore face coverings, masks, to protect themselves from being recognized.

All of a sudden in 2020 everything changes. Why? Science? Does science change? It is not about science, it is about controlling our thinking. Today we are told that anyone not wearing a mask is a hazard to us. If we think someone is a hazard to us how does that affect our thinking toward that person? Only you can control your temper. If you allow someone else’s actions to control your temper it only shows your weakness.

The virus is real. The function of the mask has not changed, only minds have changed. Who is controlling your mind? My high school teachers, who were mostly WWII and Korean war veterans, warned us about brain washing.

Richard Weedman



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