Where’s the local COVID news?

To the editor:

Is The Journal aware that COVID is raging in Brown County? Aside from a little blue box with State and County statistics, there is no information about how the virus is affecting Brown County. News is information that is directly useful to people, and we are all concerned about how the Pandemic is affecting us. In the last week the daily average of new COVID cases in the County has risen to nearly 50 and 9 are dead. How are these cases being contracted? Where are the hotspots In the county? How can residents of Brown County do more to protect themselves and others?

A little more “news” would be very helpful. Instead, today you published two op-Eds promoting “Liberty,” and decrying government attempts fight the virus as more “Nanny State” intrusion. We’ve heard enough of this opposition to public health measures from the President. Give us some information that we can use.

George Downs

New Ulm


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