Poor choice in polling topic

To the editor:

I was very disappointed to see the most recent poll questioning the integrity of the election. Through the post-election fallout, the Trump campaign has lost almost every single court case it has filed. The “evidence” of voter fraud exists only through unsourced YouTube videos, anonymous “here-say” examples, and Mr. Giuliani’s raging utterances on Right Wing news stations or landscaping parking lots.

Meanwhile, both Republican and Democrat election officials have stated this has been the most successful election on record, which is very comforting to hear considering how much it has been scrutinized. The only logical conclusion at this point is to see the truth: Donald Trump is a sore loser. Your “poll” only gives weight behind these unfounded claims of fraud, and this both hurts democracy and the ability for a smooth transition.

Right now, COVID-19 is destroying the economy, keeping children from in-person learning, and putting a damper on family celebrations of the upcoming Holidays. The Trump administra- tion’s refusal to allow President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team any information because of his inability to accept the voice of the American people is only encouraged with polls like these. Furthermore, his supporters only feel more emboldened in these false claims, thereby eroding their belief in democracy. This lack of transition will have real life consequences. Minnesota’s own Michael Olsterholm has spoken many times about how dangerous this choice is for the American People. This election fraud conspiracy is having life and death consequences

In the future, please consider polling topics that do not give such grave acknowledgment to topics that can be so easily disproven, especially when doing so adds legitimacy to what has been proven to be illegitimate.

Bill Skar

New Ulm


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