Concede 2020 election…?

To the editor:

This is my hopefully short reply to Dr. and Mrs. Kluge concerning the 2020 election. First of all, I thank you so much for printing my name so many times, indeed, you’re making me famous… LOL

You are correct in stating H. Clinton conceded the 2020 Election, and I should have emphasized the Democrat Party, obviously, never did accept his victory.

I did 20 minutes of research concerning the topic of her regretting that decision on 11/08/2016 and much to my surprise, I found nothing. I found that rather odd because during my 20 minutes of research I also found…

H. Clinton launched a brand new political group supporting resistance with regards to President Trump on 05/15/2017, a mere 7 months after the 2016 Election… Source: nbcnews.com

To fast forward to the present, on 08/26/2020 she urged J. Biden to NOT concede the results under any circumstances on Election Night 2020… Source: nbcnews.com

Lastly, due to the unique “circumstances” of voting in this election — I’m getting back to the theme — I think it would be unwise for President Trump to concede this election, it would NOT be the correct thing to do, and, I would think J. Biden would not want to assume the most powerful office in the World under a shroud of controversy. Unless…

Brian Nolan



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