Trump is still president of ordinary citizens

To the editor:

I felt I needed to write after the reading the laughable “Ode to Joe” column by Kathleen Parker (Nov. 10 Journal). She stated Biden’s beholden to no one and would not work on “the liberal wish list.” HA! The former presidential Democrat candidates are lining up for their seats in his alleged administration, per news reports. Iran and China are expecting taxpayer money be sent them as in the Obama days, BLM Org is demanding Biden follow through on their demands, Sanders & Squad expect Biden to follow through on their signed agreement with him on “the liberal agenda,” plus Biden still supports slaughter of babies in the womb and full term as they’re being born, and he wants an open border with plans for “free stuff” to all illegals. Do you think he doesn’t have plans to raise taxes on all? As to character and integrity, he has none.

I can NEVER support Biden’s agenda and socialist takeover being planned. Trump will always be the president of the ordinary citizen, meaning “America First” nationalistm, securing our borders, using tariffs to bring back our manufacturing base, bidding goodbye to globalism, promoting peace, pro-life and acknowledging we were all created by God who is the True Judge of All.

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm


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