The Virus, abortion, health care and climate

To the editor:

We are worried how many people will get the Virus. We see in the paper how many people are getting the Virus. Do we hear how many people died per day before we had this Virus, and where do we find how many people were aborted per day?

I have in my possession a paper that says 876,000 Americans were aborted in 2018. It foes on to say that since the Supreme Court in 1973 inserted a right to end life into the Constitution, 61,628,584 babies have been aborted, and we call ourselves a civilized nation, think about it. We also worry about how many people are shot.

Next, let me tell you I hope you have relatives who live in a nation with national health care. We have relatives in Canada. Talk to them about their health care. Lastly, seeing I saw what The Journal had the story about the mammoth tusk found here, lets also think how long ago that was and has the globe changed. Was it our use of fossil fuels that caused that change?

Let’s get the Republicans to be Republicans and the Democrats to be the Farmers & Labor party they once were.

Just another opinionated old guy up the river, on the end of the K.C. Road.

Harley Vogel

New Ulm


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