Park priorities should include Goosetown

To the editor:

The New Ulm Park and Recreation Commission is looking at priorities for new neighborhood parks in older areas and new subdivisions. I was on the Commission in 2015 and proposed a new playground in south Goosetown. It was approved by a 9-0 vote. In 2017 Commissioner Dave Christian asked about the status of the park. The Commission again voted for the park by a 9-0 vote. To my knowledge nothing more has been done and no priority has been set.

Goosetown is not new. It has been part of the city for about 150 years. There is only one playground for the younger kids and it is on the north end of Riverside Park. The city parks plan says that no residence should be more than four blocks from a park. There are about 130 homes that are located beyond that. The last house on the south end of Goosetown is 1.4 MILES from the Riverside Park playground! It might as well be on the Moon.

There are several properties available with willing sellers at much less cost than most of the other areas being considered for parks. Cost for a small playground and the land could be under $100,000 for equipment that the younger kids would be thrilled to have. A new playground for the little kids in Goosetown is way overdue. It should be top priority. Enough money has been spent on ‘premier’ parks lately so let’s do something to benefit the kids ‘down in Goosetown’ now!

Dennis Born

New Ulm


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