Challenge the illegal votes

To the editor:

In response to the comments concerning the premature crowning of Biden as president in the Saturday, Nov. 7 paper, and the unfair criticism of newly-elected Congresswoman Fischbach for her comments on voting fraud, I would observe that it is quite clear the Democrats make up the rules as they see fit. And will lie, cheat, and intimidate to achieve their immoral, selfish agenda. Anyone that takes the time to get news beyond the moronic and lying mainstream media; i.e., Associated Press, Social Media, the major television networks,) knows that in many states dead people’s votes were counted for Democrats, Republican votes thrown away, and bipartisan poll watchers not allowed in some areas. Why should the president and Republicans not challenge this criminal activity by Democrats? As one of the founders of our country stated over two centuries ago “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” Anyone that values personal freedom, gun ownership, is pro-life, and favors traditional Christian values will hopefully remain vigilant, and insist on a fair and honest electoral process. Now and in future.

M R Koenig

Buffalo Lake


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