Vote for Feehan

To the editor:

Dan Feehan has my vote on Nov. 3rd. He has a distinctive record of public service, in the military, the Pentagon and as a teacher. He stands for a just, affordable health care system for farmers and mainstreet businesses, building on the Affordable Care Act, and using the government’s power to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs.

His opponent, Jim Hagedorn has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, including protections for pre-existing conditions and curbs on drug costs. He wants to repeal the ACA in the Supreme Court, threatening our health care during this pandemic. Claims that “pre-existing conditions will be covered” when there is no such bill are poppycock.

Dan Feehan advocates a farm program that ensures cost of production prices to our family food producers and price transparency in the meatpacking industry, now controlled by a handful of multi-national companies. Dan supports a program to help farmers transition their operations to the next generation, and advocates biofuels production. Jim Hagedorn backs the failed China trade tariffs that have pushed down commodity prices and cost markets that took years to establish.

Dan Feehan also supports tax fairness, wherein the wealthiest and corporations would pay their share in taxes, so the rest of us hardworking Americans did not have to pay their way.

I admire Dan Feehan’s leadership on the COVID19 pandemic. He has called for action to get a handle on the Corona virus including full utilization of the Defense Production Act of 1950 to ensure widespread, rapid COVID testing and affordable PPE. Hagedorn? He flouts health guidelines at rallies while enjoying great health care as a member of Congress.

Dan Feehan demonstrates ethics and integrity. Jim Hagedorn faces ethics complaints and investigations. Help restore integrity and honesty in Congress by voting for Dan Feehan for Congress.

Theresa Keaveny

New Ulm


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