Hagedorn: A champion of health care innovation

To the editor:

Last week, Congressman Hagedorn was awarded the Champion of Healthcare Innovation Award from the American Life Sciences Innovation Council (ALSIC). I feel very fortunate to have him as our Congressman for many reasons, but his passion for healthcare is on the top of that list. His dedication to protecting the important policies that position America as the world’s leading force in the innovative life sciences cannot be overstated.

Predictable reimbursement in Medicare, a vibrant free market, strong intellectual property protection for discoveries, protections against international reference pricing, and a predictable, efficient, and effective regulatory environment are all key areas of consideration to making the American life sciences the world’s leader. Congressman Hagedorn has not only supported these measures, he’s been a leader in working in a bipartisan fashion to successfully accomplish them.

This award is based on strong and consistent leadership in support of medical progress and an environment in which America’s innovative life sciences industry can thrive. The future of our economy, applied medical knowledge, and the health of our nation depend on leaders like Congressman Hagedorn!

Democrats are throwing millions of dollars into this election to try and convince us that Congressman Hagedorn does not care for seniors and those with pre-existing conditions. This award further solidifies his dedication and tenacity to taking care of all southern Minnesotans, and I know he will continue to do so once re-elected!

Cindy Deichman



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