Waiting for Feehan’s answer

To the editor:

These past few months I have received several flyers asking me to vote for Dan Feehan in the upcoming First Congressional District election. He makes the usual promises in these ads — standing up to party leaders and taking on corporate interests and Big Pharma. However, as a voter, there was one issue missing that for me is very important — the safety of my family and the rioting and destruction we have witnessed over the summer.

The flyers directed me to contact the campaign at info@danfeehan.com, which I did on Sept. 3. As someone who has had family members and friends who serve as officers I wanted to know — does Mr. Feehan support Black Lives Matter and their calls to defund the police, or does he stand with law enforcement? I got NO response. I again emailed on Sept. 8, Sept. 12 and Oct. 8 again asking that my question be answered. I have yet to receive a reply.

Mr. Feehan, I would really like to know — will you help to defund the police or will you defend the police? As a voter, I deserve an answer adn there are probably others out there who would like to be informed of your position in this matter.

Andrea Brinkman



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