Sleepy Eye City elections – know your candidates

To the editor:

While local city elections are not partisan, the fact is that everyone has political views. These views affect our decisions, and the decisions of those who run for city offices are most immediately felt by those who live in that city. It behooves us, then, to know particular candidates’ views and to do investigation into the things that really matter, especially in the year 2020. These things do include a candidate’s views on local spending and projects, but they also include their views on COVID-19, abortion, Black Lives Matter, immigration, or many other topics. These topics may seem unimportant to small-town folk like us (after all, no one has tried to burn down our city recently), but candidates’ views on these things are indicators of broader ideologies that influence the very decisions that they would make for this very city.

We would encourage our fellow Sleepy Eye residents not to simply base their vote for city officials on which presidential candidate’s yard sign they share a yard with, or whether they are “anti-establishment” or not. Votes should be based upon a candidate’s vision for our city, which is largely influenced by a candidate’s vision for our nation. While there are admittedly not-so-small things that need to be changed in the City of Sleepy Eye’s government, change for the sake of change is not necessarily the right road to take at this point in time either. Do the research, talk to your neighbors, and talk to the candidates for your ward. Then get out there and vote!

Josh Sellner

Kevin Losleben

Geoff Ferk

Sleepy Eye


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