Hagedorn doesn’t want to be held accountable

To the editor:

Recently, at my dad’s funeral, I was reminded of wise words he gave us kids. He said, “No matter what work you do make sure it is something you would sign your name to.” I was so disappointed in Congressman Hagedorn’s refusal to address ethics charges when a reporter questioned him. He walked away. Obviously, this is “work” he refuses to sign his name to.

I’ve learned the value of hard work and what it means to serve customers with fairness and dignity in my personal and corporate employment settings. At one of my jobs people stayed with the company because they needed the provided health insurance. They often wanted to do something else but couldn’t afford to lose that insurance. The ACA changed that. It made it possible to leave and do work that was fitting personal needs and skills. Congressman Hagedorn has joined an upcoming lawsuit that if successful, will eliminate the Affordable Care Act in the middle of a pandemic and rip health care away from millions, including millions living with preexisting conditions. This is horrible customer service. We constituents are being hurt and not treated with dignity or fairness. Congressman Hagedorn has put his signature on something that will harm us.

After learning about ethics and potentially unlawful scandals hanging over Congressman Hagedorn’s head, his desire to strip away health care options, I know we can do better. Vote for someone willing to sign their name to work that represents values of dignity, honesty and fairness.

Donna R. Miller



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