Does one issue trump all others?

To the editor:

May someone who is pro-life vote for a pro-choice Biden/Harris ticket in good conscience?

It has been stated by some pro-life Americans that they are not “one issue” voters so they feel they may vote for a candidate who supports the murder of abortion. I’d like to introduce a scenario that might help one to decide whether it is possible to set aside the issue of abortion as one votes.

What if a candidate supported the murder of all children under the age of five – or seniors over the age of 85 who are considered to be a burden on an individual or society? Would a voter who agrees with other policies of a candidate say, “I’m not a one issue voter. Other issues are more important to me”? I would think not.

The lives of infants in the womb are no less valuable or in need of protection than our children or our seniors – or for that matter anyone who might be considered a burden. The line is coming closer and closer to being unacceptable as the Governor of Illinois signed into law that abortion is legal up to the point of birth and others do not believe we should save the lives of babies born in a botched abortion.

Pro-life voters, consider this. Your vote is one way of protecting life. Sometimes one issue does trump all others. This is one.

Mary Thom

New Ulm


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