Trump’s record

To the editor:

Let’s take a look at what President Trump has not done in his term:

HAS NOT: Changed abortion laws, even though he had two years with Republican control of House and Senate in which to make an effort to support his supposed position.

HAS NOT: Taken leadership to address COVID-19 with national prevention guidelines, acquisition and distribution of supplies needed, treatment plan, or cure in a timely and TRUTHFUL manner.

HAS NOT: Put forth an immigration plan nor built the wall with Mexico’s money.

HAS NOT: Put forth any plan solving this nation’s health care issues, even though he promised one was coming every few weeks.

Now let’s look at what the President has done:

HE HAS: Sabotaged his own guidelines for COVID-19, ridiculed and threatened governors and others trying to follow his guidelines, leading to violence and discord.

HE HAS: Taken from the poor and given to the rich with his tax plans.

HE HAS: Failed to condemn extremists on both sides and gaslighted racial issues and unrest.

HE HAS: Made enemies of our allies and idolized our enemies.

HE HAS: Fiscally and morally bankrupted the country with unchecked spending and egregious personal conduct.

HE HAS: Been a very poor example for our children.

President Trump has left our nation hungry, fearful, and hateful in this pandemic, with people dying right and left. He wants four more years with no plan or platform to right the ship. This is Trump’s America: he is the incumbent. It is in chaos. Under God’s plan, it is the Government’s responsibility that the people are provided with peaceful and calm lives. He has failed. We have been and can be better than this with new leadership.

Patricia Dittrich

New Ulm


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