Talking to Gabriel

To the editor:

Dear Gabriel,

How are you? It has been a few years since I last saw you. I trust your new home has brought you much joy and many friends.

I also hope you can’t see through the clouds to earth below because millions of children who looked exactly like you have had their lives deliberately ended with laws condoning the practice.

l remember hearing how you flinched when your father gently touched your foot during the four hours of your life. How horrible must the pain be for babies exactly your age when … never mind. It is too depressing for me to want to think about –how much more for you who are in the eternal presence of Love, Himself.

He who inspired the psalmist to write:” Truly you have formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made.” (Psalm 138 {139}, 13-14)

In case you don’t know there are people here who feel climate, disease, housing and other issues are more important to vote about rather than abortion. You and I both know these problems are nothing the Almighty can’t handle Himself or work through us to handle if we work together with a spirit of discernment and charity.

I don’t like the forcible extraction of money from anyone’s pocket to someone else’s through additional taxation as a means to fund such giving. Tithing was asked in days of old and I think it could do wonders now. The entertainment/sports stars, tech giants, and others could change the world if they just remembered that much is asked of those to whom much is given.

Hope to see you again, Your grandmother, Penny Mohr.

(In memory of Gabriel Joseph. Due March 13 and born prematurely, baptized, and died October 27 the year prior.)

Penny Mohr

New Ulm


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