Polite political discourse falls to smear tactics

To the editor:

I miss the days when candidates respectfully disagreed. A challenger pointed out votes by the incumbent, explaining why he/she would vote differently. The incumbent explained his/her votes and why the challenger is wrong. Voters considered both sides and decided who to vote for.

I know those days are over when I see Hagedorn attack ads smearing his opponent, Dan Feehan, with innuendo and lies. We all have seen ads saying Dan Feehan is .. (add some frightening thing), or Dan Feehan wants to do..(add some dangerous thing), while providing no evidence. The worst ads claim Feehan “thinks” something that he has never given any indication of believing or sometimes has even spoken out against.

Vilification and slander are Hagedorn’s primary campaign tactics. It is wrong and it is shameful. We deserve better. Restoring honor to government service requires better. Hagedorn does not deserve our vote.

Debra Hogenson



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