Larry Mack for Council President

To the editor:

Over the past number of years, I have had the opportunity to get to know Larry Mack. We have had numerous conversations about the people, the community, projects and ideas for new Ulm’s future. Larry is always thinking about the community of New Ulm and how to make its future bright.

In 2018, Larry and I organized a tour to Germany with a number of great people from New Ulm and southern Minnesota. Our tour included many relationship building events for the city of New Ulm. While in Ulm Germany, we participated in a sister city reception with the lord mayor and many representatives from Ulm, Neu Ulm. In addition, we were met by a number of past sister city exchange students and firefighters. It was a great event which further cements the relationships between these great cities.

During our travels, we met up with new friends of New Ulm, Erich Becker and Valerie Cribbs. Erich is a playwright and previously visited New Ulm to learn more about Ludwig Bogen an early immigrant and newspaper man in New Ulm. Erich wrote a play about Bogen’s life including being a member of the Frankfurt National Assembly and his involvement in the 1848 Revolution and his later life in New Ulm, Minnesota. During our visit we enjoyed a personal tour of Bogen’s beautiful hometown of Michelstadt, Germany and we were hosted by Michelstadts’ mayor in the old Rathaus (City Hall) built in 1485. All of these events and experiences build relationships for future travel and visitors to New Ulm, Minnesota.

I believe he would be a great City Council President. Larry would be a great leader. He considers the needs of the citizens of New Ulm and Larry would help guide the community to a bright, fruitful and long future as a premiere city in southern Minnesota.

Wade Olsen

President of the German Bohemian Heritage Society based in New Ulm a

nd Travel Wade, LLC.


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