Choose Mack for Council

To the editor:

Larry Mack is an excellent choice for city council president. I’ve known Larry for eight years as a friend and co-worker. At work, Larry is a very pragmatic problem solver, always willing to ask questions or gather different opinions to bring a task to a successful conclusion. He knows difficult tasks aren’t solved with just feel good words. As a friend he is very approachable and always willing to listen to other’s opinions even if he doesn’t agree, he will then try to find a common ground with them. Larry is a strong believer in fiscal responsibility and understands the financial difficulties that cities like ours are facing. He isn’t the type to waste money. Larry, along with Lisa Fischer, was very helpful in my neighborhood with a zoning issue and was instrumental in bringing an additional tool to the city’s zoning code to help eliminate future recurrences.

His previous city council experience, honesty, integrity and deep love for our community will make him an outstanding city council president. I know he will make New Ulm proud.

Dave Stadick

New Ulm


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